Course: Teach Kids To Read

Children are gifts from God. Teaching them how to read increase their mental cognitive. It will help them to be independent. They can to do their homework by themselves without the help of their parents. Reading increases their vocabulary.

How Do You Teach Your kids To Read
There are many ways of teaching your kids how to read, they include:

1. Getting books for them. Textbooks novels will help them alot. Parents should make it mandatory for their kids to read at least for an hour after school time. It will build them

2. Get them home tutor: with the help of the tutor, they can learn how to read. This is mostly helpful if the parents are the busy type. The tutor will coach them on how to read books , relevant words to note in a passage,and how to spell them.

3. Allow them to watch children educational movies; this will help them build their confidence as they see other kids of their age reading and speaking well.

Above all kids should not be deprived the right to go to school. This is a formal institution where knowledge can be imputed in them.

School Bus Initiative

The focus of our last quarter has been working with local groups to improve bus networks. We believe that it is vital to provide transportation options for children living in rural areas. Thanks to our donors we were able to fund 50 buses and 200 cars that transport children to schools all around the globe.

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